June 1st, 2017 reflection

This morning I was awoken by the sun shining through the window of my front door; One of my favorite ways to get me out of bed. It’s a Saturday so I had nothing to do other than a workout class by 9:00 a.m. After breakfast, I headed down to the coffee shop to be in the presence of others and chip away at the book I’m reading: Blink, by Malcom Gladwell.

In Blink, Gladwell explains the significance of split-second decision making; otherwise known as the adaptive unconscious. This is the processing of your mind that keeps you moving efficiently through the day without taking on the cognitive load. We can also refer to the gut feeling and intuition for a superficial explanation, but wouldn’t you rather read in depth on something so fascinating?

In the first chapter, he begins to show just how relevant the adaptive unconscious is. Take the first example: An art museum has professionals investigate a statue for authenticity before buying it. Scientists take samples for testing and use thorough analysis, but even that proves to be insufficient. Instead, a glance from an art historian  notices something is just wrong.

In writing, we would assume months of investigating would be more reliable than a gut feeling after a moment of analyzing, but it wasn’t, and that’s what fasinated Gladwell; thus, we have Blink.

I’m reading this book for several reasons. The first, I’m eager to know more about pychology and human behavior. Second, Malcom Gladwell is one of the great authors of our time, and his books are highly recommmended by people who influence me. His interview on the Tim Ferriss show solitifide my interest in the man. Lastly, I’ve read one of his books before, The Tipping Point, which was an easy and enjoyable read. Once I find an author who writes fluently enough to grab my attention, I need to check off the entire collection of work.

After reading breifly, I finished my coffee and drove straight to the gym. The turn out today was more than I’ve seen previously. We went through a light warm up session before jumping into the “warrior workout.” For a cliche name, the routine held it’s own. Once I completed 5 rounds of high intensity exercises, we began the conditioning. This usually includes sled push/pulls, farmer carries or a heavy lift of some form – this week it was all of the above. I felt like puking several times, but that’s the purpose. Work out like you hate yourself.

Following the workout, I usually eat a high protien meal if not protien supplements. Today was a mushroom swiss burger with sweet potato fries. I enjoyed my lunch listening to a new podcast by Sam Harriss with Kevin Kelly on A.I. and understanding the mind to keep me entertained (or distracted). This might not have been the best idea. Once I put on headphones and tune into a conversation I become a recluse, and for the rest of the day I spun my web and never left.

It’s now 1 a.m., the only thing I have accomplished is 500 words.

Thanks for reading – check in tomorrow.





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